Thursday, December 29, 2011

early countdown

i have the sleepiest family ever.

rosie is asleep on colby's tummy while he snores away in the recliner with 'futurama' in the background. we were supposed to play tonight, but alas, feeling tired and comfy always takes precedence to the wife and momma.

if they didnt look so dang cute i might actually be mad.

we are feeling very post-christmas here at the western household... and by that i mean we are ready for a new year and excited to say goodbye to the crappiest year of them all, 2011. in a few days, the fireworks will be over, the midnight kisses spent, and we will have a new chance at a new year! wonderful things are happening, and hopefully others will happen, in 2012. just to name a few for us and some of the people we love:

  • the best, most deserving person i know is having her first baby.
  • an awesome couple is moving out of the country to have an adventure.
  • someone dear to me will be accepted to grad school - she will get in, no doubts here.
  • another stamp in the passport
  • losing in the hopes to gain it back for good cause
  • someone's missionary is home!
  • catching up financially
  • celebrating five years of the best puppers, and five of marriage during happy/sad, wonderful/insane, rich/poor, and desperately in love years to my best friend.
when people say they cant wait for the new year, i dont think they mean it like i do. i am so looking forward to growing and learning and watching the wonderful people around me progress into the lives they have built for themselves. i am so much harder on myself than anyone else would ever be, but 2012 will be a year of self-love and compassion for the person i am trying to become.

wishing you a love and joy filled new year. so happy for these new beginnings!

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Jake said...

Awesome post. We miss and love you guys so much. You guys mean so much to us. Bring it on, 2012. Des and Colby are about to make you their pony and ride you to the market. Boom.