Wednesday, December 21, 2011


My sisters insisted I read The Night Circus and oh!

I LOVE it.
I want to be in it.
I want to see it!
And I really want to eat the chocolate covered caramel popcorn and visit the Lake of Tears. And I will probably fall in love with Marco and F. Thiessen. So good.

The last book I read that captured me like this was ... I dont even know, probably Witch of Blackbird Pond that I read every Halloween and still love as much as ever. I havent read, really read, a book since losing my mom and I think I might have forgotten how happy it made me to escape into magic and fiction and wonder, and it feels good to have that back.

Just in time for Christmas.
I bought this book for my bestie. Im so excited to give it to her! Books are one thing of many that we share and talk about and dream of and Im happy to pass this one along. Highly recommend!

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