Sunday, January 15, 2012

the many hats of rosie western II

Baby Bear
Rose Butterscotch MacGillicutty Western

this dog is my best friend.
to anyone who thinks this is weird, probably anyone who doesnt love animals or has never had a pet - i was once that person!, i still like you and i bet my dog will make you love her within the first five minutes of meeting you.

colby got me a best furry friend a few months before we got married. one of our favorite things to do was to walk around the pet stores and super pet adoptions and admire the puppies at play. one saturday of nonimportance, we were mingling at Bird World and saw the skinniest, tiniest, goose-feathery pup with shiny black eyes and i knew right then that this dog needed to be in my family. we held her and played with her and snuggled her, and left empty handed. she was all we could talk about the rest of the day and late into the night. we both knew she was special.

colby went back the next day.
i had a family party and was waiting for him to pick me up when he called and there was this little chirping scruffy bark in the background.
"who is that?"
"its rosie - thats the name you liked, right?"

and it has been five years of happy doggie.

since knowing her, i have never doubted Heavenly Father's love for me - why else would he spend time and energy creating such a special critter for humans to have as companions? she looks me in the eye when i talk to her or make commands to obey - people dont even do that! her happiness comes from ensuring my own, she wants to please me and earn treats and tickles by being good. and when i cry or colby and i fight, she looks right in my eyes and comes close, sometimes even paws my legs to be held, knowing it will make both of us feel better.

i love her like she is my own because i dont have one of my own. and when i do, and hopefully i do, i know rosie will love and protect that tiny human and acknowledge him to be the most important thing ever to come along into casa western. i love my husband, i do - and i love my family and my friends and plenty of awesome people, but i KNOW that rosie loves me back in a very special and different way that inspires zero doubt and nothing but security and importance and value of self.

okay, most of the time i know colby loves me too.
in fact, if he could love me like the dog loves me, no holding back, zero inhibitions, complete compassion, we would have husband of the decade here, people.

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