Sunday, January 22, 2012

thanks insurance - now, could we do something about that deductible?

colby is going under on tuesday.
now, dont be worried - he is already far past worried and i couldnt possibly stand anybody else in my life being upset. he is having a minor outpatient surgery to correct an in-office snafu that happened years ago - and me being the meanest wife ever, i scheduled the appointments, told him to pick me up early from work because we were going to lunch, and then drove him to the surgeon's office. so mean.

its only because i care so much!

so, in anticipation of the bills that will surely arrive (surgeon, assistant surgeon, anesthesiologist), i believe i probably need a second job, or at least a higher paying one than i have now. if anybody care's to assist the western's "reconstruction" surgery (thats what im calling it - those of you close to me can laugh because you know whats really going down), please know i can be reached via phone or email and would love cash or check donations :)

totally kidding.
i will be paying for my university education for the next decade, whats one more expense?

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